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Who We Are

Gemjin [Platform] was created after the explosive international success of ILNRadio. It is an open door for independent teachers, presenters, artists, and researchers; to share, discuss, and ask questions. It is Public access portal create in 2009, as a collaboration byILNorg & Choice Treasures & co.

 Our Mission: 
To create opportunity for those who have none. To deliver the flame of hope that ignites all others. To live with integrity. To educate, encourage, and propagate love of humanity. 

For Profit ... or loss ..
Scores of broadcasters, content creators, movers, and shakers started their journey the platform. Chip Esajian of the world famous Chip n Dale Dancers, started The Victorious Mindset Radio show at none other than Gemjin. Prolific Audio Book Author Rob Wilson of Cowboy Wisdom fame got his audio training at Gemjin and Founders of Fathers on the Move, recently recognized by President Obama’s ‘Fatherhood Initiative program” and currently funded with state rehabilitation funding, Fred Wilson and Bishop Glover started their social missions at Gemjin. The Bishop also hosted a show of his own Last Days World Outreach. He currently travels the country setting up churches and mission projects to benefit communities in need of hope. Our hosts are vocal about the many missions we embrace at Gemjin. Because we do not have a 501.c3 for the ILN we are free to work towards enacting legislation and persuading toward viable options for positive effects in various communities across the globe. Every project is a paired partnership with people taking responsibilities to enact reciprocity and synergy at the same time.

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Getting to know yourself.
Physics is dealt with in the Left Hemisphere of the brain, Metaphysics happens on the right. Certain societies have laws and traditions that other societies find repulsive. We must get passed the entrained mind that causes us to conform to society so we can be free to be our true selves..